Sunday, April 19, 2009

What i notice first is the main white stage in the picture. Then my eyes are drawn to the landscaping and the benches around. The bushes behind the stage are nice and frame the stage very well. The tall trees are really amazing and tall and very interesting because extremely tall trees are rare to come by.
There is round white stage in the middle of the picture towards the background of the picture. there is a huge tree in front of the stage and a row of benches surrounding the tree. They benches are not facing the stage. There are lamp posts strategically places and there are a few ppl walking around and one person on a bike.
The color of the white stage draws your eyes right to the stage and your eyes follow the benches around the picture. The line quality in this picture is interesting I think. The quality of the picture is really nice too.
This photograph tells a story. Who knows how many performances have been on the stage. The landscaping seems to have been well thought out. They could have worked hours on it and took lots of time to think it out.
Turner's work is very beautiful and elegant. He captures the moment very well. His photo has more trees and is in the moment of the sun setting. He does have a few city shots and has some man-made objects in his paintings.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My eyes automatically go the Polly's bright pink shirt. The colors in this photo are very brilliant and loud except for Brooke who is wearing a plain-jane gray shirt. I notice the color in this photograph before I notice what they are doing. Polly is teaching us how to cook dumplings.
There are 3 girls in this picture. Two girls are Asian and one is white. The girl to the right is wearing a pink shirt, the girl in the middle is wearing a blue shirt, and the girl on the left is wearing a gray shirt. There is a table in front of them with news paper on it and a large silver bowl reflecting light. They are making some sort of food, in this case, dumplings.
There is not much line quality but I suppose the table leads the eye to the three girls. The color is crazy bright and the reflection of the bowl is neat but doesn't take away form the picture. The girls don't seem like they are floating in space so the placement in space is good.
Yes it tells a story. It's the story of dorm life and how little room we have to cook in. The small space behind the girls is a small kitchen but it's very hard to see. It shows how many people you meet in college and how diverse our campus is.
Elizabeth's work is very colorful. It is very abstract and this photograph is not. There are more colors in her work as well. Her work is free and fun. My photo is not as crazy as her work, but it is very interesting to look at.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I notice first is my smile in this picture. It seems to be a little bit fake to me, but it works for the assignment. It makes me feel happy and affects me in a positive way. It makes me feel happy and knowing this a happy time in my life.
There is a girl with long, brown, straight hair. She is wearing a pink shirt and has large brown eyes. There is a white cabinet in the back ground. There is also a Towel rack in the background with dark colored towels with detail on them. I am obviously holding the camera to take my own picture.
The composition is very good. Line quality is very crisp and clear. The lighting and and the color seem to be very good. The placement in space could be better and there could be more information in the background.
The photo does tell a story it makes you feel happy. I look excited in the picture even though it is just a plain picture. It makes me think that it is a good day and couldn't be any better. It makes someone who looks at it smile and if you knew me really well, it would probably make you laugh and say "what is she doing?" One word i would use to describe this is "happy".
My photograph is much more conservative than Jean's artwork. His work had more nudity in it and I would never do something like that. Jean's work is very good and had a lot of time put into the thought and process of making them.

Friday, March 6, 2009

When I first see this picture I notice the white bottle standing out from the brown carpet. Whenever I see a bottle like this one, I always think of a headache because usually asprin comes in this kind of bottle. It also make me weary, becuase I am alergic to Ibuprofen so I need to be careful. Almost anyone sees this picture will think of headache medicine.
The background is a extremely dark and textured. It looks somewhat soft, but would be an uncomfortable night of sleep. There is a white medicine bottle with the directions facing towards the viewers. There is a child-saftey cap on the bottle so one knows that it is dangerous if i child were to eat it as if it were candy. There is a shadow on the carpet from the bottle facing the left side of the format.
The bottle might look like it were floating if there were no shadow showing the placement in space. There is not much color in this photo but I believe with the textured carpet and the unique placement on the floor.
This photo doesn't tell a story. It is just a bottle on the carpet. It may look interesting and if I were to name this photo with one word it would be "aches." Medicine is meant to help aches and pains and thats what I think of when i see this picture.
This photo relates to William's in that there are dark colors and shadow represented in his drawings. The only thing that seems to be different is the subject matter and how it is portrayed. William mostly has picture of people sitting, perhaps in mourning. My photo is less intresting and his subjects are harder to draw.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

What I first notice about this picture is the how different this pasta looks compared to what we are normally used to. The green bowl sticks out the most because it is the most colorful object in the entire picture. It does not look to appetizing to me. I would try it, but it doesn't look like I would enjoy it very much.
There is a dark green bowl sitting on a wooden table. It is a certain type of pasta with some red peppers that look like they are sweet and not spicy. The noodles are covered in what seems to be alfredo sauce. It looks as if there may also be chicken strips in the entree as well.
The placement in space isn't very good. it may look as if it were floating if not for the very little piece of the table that one can see. There are not very many vibrant colors and it seems rather boring. The lines in the table add some interest and the light reflecting in the table also makes it seem a little more interesting.
I do not think this photo tells much of a story. If I were to name it with one word it would be "Italian" There is not much to this picture and it does not leave much open for the imagination. It is just a plate of food that could be bad or delicious. To me it does not look very appeasing to me.
Richard's work is very mass-like and is extremely different compared to this photo. His work is much more creative than the picture I have taken. His work also does not have much color mixed in with his work.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The lines of this photograph lead my eyes right to the door at the end of the hallway. I notice the really shiny floor and the reflection of the lights. You can really tell that I am in the middle of a dorm or an apartment hallway. The colors on the wall jump out at me as well.
I am standing in the middle of a long hallway of what seems to be an apartment or my dorm hallway. The door right next to me are larger and the one in the middle at the end of the hall looks much smaller. There are different colored squares painted on the walls and the doors are made from wood and have silver door knobs. There are ceiling tiles and fluorescent lights within the tiles.
The lines are very straight and precise because of the architecture of the building. There is a sence of a small space and a very narrow feeling. There is not alot of color but the little bits of color do jump out at you. The black lines jump out at you and define the walls and the doorframes.
I think this picture has the word "dorm" written all over it. It tells everyone who has been through college about a very small room with two people in close quarters. Of 'all-nighters' and mircrowaving late night popcorn. It says its a good time and is the place to make friends. There is a fire alarm on the ceiling that reminds us of 2 o'clock in the morning awakenings from someone who thought it would be funny to pull the alarm.
Edward's work was very precise and exact. This photo is the same in that there is one-point perspective and shows the lines very well. His work is very neat as is this picture. His work is mostly the outside of buildings and mine photo is just a hallway. He found creative ways to draw perspective and is extremely good work.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I obviously notice the motorcycle in the front of the picture. The picture effects me in a way that makes me feel a sense of freedom and danger. However, considering it is my father's motorcycle there is no way any dangerous kind of feeling. I would love to learn how to drive it, but it is too big. The chrome on the bike really stands out to me. Maybe it is because of the shine or reflection of me taking the picture.
In the center of the picture there is a nice motorcycle. It is not a "hard-core" biker sort of bike though. It is obviously not a Harley Davidson, because if you know bikes, a Harley has a certain kind of look. This photo is black and white so there is no color. The motorcycle has leather saddle-bags and seat. There is a house in the background with the garage open. There is what looks to be a car in the garage and there is a porch to the right of the garage.
The line quality is very good because the pipes on the bike leads the eye extremely well. There is no color in this black and white photograph, but black and white make the picture more dramatic. The placement in space is not very creative, but it is still an awesome picture for those who like motorcycles.
I don't think that the picture tells a story. It might tell a story to the owner of the motorcycle, but to those who look at it, it looks like a motorcycle sitting in front of a garage. The one word that describes this picture would be, "mid-life-crisis" or phrase I suppose. My father bought this motorcycle and my mother and I believe it was because he is in his 50s. So I guess in a way this picture does tell a story, if you know the story.
This photo connects with Edgar's work in that the shadows are very distinctive. Other wise his photos are in color where as my photo is in black and white. His work almost seems a little gestural to me and my photo is very sharp edges and very clear and clean.